Education of Children With Special Needs (CWSN)


The last decade has witnessed rapid progress in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as well as wide-spread use of computers in the day-to-day life. The use of computer based education to make learning a more joyful process for children is becoming widely prevalent across the globe.

Realizing the importance of computers in the learning process, computer education has been made an important part of SSA. As SSA aims to provide useful and relevant elementary education to children, the programme provides for Rs. 15.00 lakh per district per annum for computer education at the upper primary level (Class VI-VIII) under the Innovation head. The main objectives of computer based education at elementary stage are:

To create computer awareness and literacy among children and teachers at elementary level.

To make teaching learning effective and interesting through computer-aided learning.

To empower the teachers to generate supplementary material in digitalized form and in other forms.

To improve quality of education and also enrollment and retention.

Computer education should be envisaged at three levels. The first stage would be to orient teachers and children to computers; second stage would be providing computer aided learning and third stage would be computer-based learning (computer literacy). Focus in SSA Under SSA, innovative activity for computer education would be for upper primary level and the focus would be on identification as well as dealing with hard spots, especially in English, Mathematics and Science. Computer Aided Learning would be used by teachers as a teaching aid and also by students for remedial learning. Use of effective graphics, animations, audio, imaginative analogies and simulations should also be encouraged. Computer based learning would not only make learning interesting and joyful, but also induce novelty in thinking approach of the children and enhance their imagination power. One of the preferred model under this is BOOT (Build, Own, Operate & Transfer) model. The guidelines for BOOT model under SSA, Bihar is available under guideline/manual section of the portal.

  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA)
  • National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level (NPEGEL)
  • Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya( KGVB)
  • District Primary Education Programme (DPEP)
  • School Sanitation and Hygiene Education (SSHE)
  • Bihar Education Quality Mission (BEQM)

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