Education of Children With Special Needs (CWSN)


The Management Information System consists of three sub-components. The three sub-components – Management, Information and System together constitute a holistic view of an effective system. Information refers to the processed data readily available for the end users. The word Management here focuses on the use of information system for managerial decision making and not for mere technological name sake. Although, MIS does not necessarily have to rely on a computational device, any meaningful MIS should exploit the power of computing and communication devices to the maximum available at the moment. Therefore, we would mean Management Information System (MIS) to be the set of computer based systems and procedures, designed to improve the managerial decision making process – that involve collection, organization, distribution and storage of information for analysis & control.

As breathing is to living, decision making is to management. It is a part and parcel of management – both with regard to day-to-day activities as well as on activities with long term implications. It is the quality of decision that either makes or breaks the organizations. Therefore decisions should be based on data & facts instead of mere perception. This is necessary since total quality management aims at continuous quality improvement; it needs to base its development strategy on a base-line information. Hence data and information are necessary foundation for decision making for continuous quality improvement.

Besides, acting as Decision Support System (DSS), the scope of MIS in general are collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of data and integration in the planning process. The MIS would primarily assist the agencies implementing SSA by providing information on:

  • Access, retention and quality related issues
  • Intervention-wise progress of SSA implementation;
  • Schooling scenario of children in the target group;
  • Progress of EGS/AIE related issues;

Specific objectives of MIS under SSA are to implement major aspects namely Educational Management Information System (EMIS), Project Management Information System (PMIS), Financial Management Information System (FMIS), Student Attendance Management Information System (SAMIS), Household Management/Bal-Panji Information System etc.

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