Education of Children With Special Needs (CWSN)


To effectively implement SSA, which has such a large coverage, for effective management of the programme, it is important that the appropriate structures are developed and strengthened. As far as management structure is concerned, the central concern of the programme is to adopt those management practices, that combine specification of clear objectives, decentralization of planning at the district & sub-district level and participation of grass root level structures (VSS/PRIs) in the implementation of the programme. The visual representation of the essential structures envisaged in the programme may be seen under the hyperlink Organizational Chart.

Project Management in SSA will operate and facilitate and provide support at State / Division / District / Block / CRC / and School level and will involve SSA staff, Government personnel in the field, Learners, Teachers, Parents, PRIs, Community, Voluntary Agencies, Resource Institutions and Willing and Creative Individuals.

  • Empowerment of community;
  • Generate community awareness towards education;
  • Involve community in micro level planning;
  • Involve community in monitoring & supervision; and
  • Construction & maintenance of school infrastructure

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